Some say the time of man is waning, while others think its only suffered a minor set back. Here on Necromunda it’s easy to believe to the former not the latter. The planet Necromunda is a large planet with many hives rising miles into the atmosphere above the dust, ash and wastes. Hive Stryke is just one of these many hives of mankind where millions live and dream of better things. The hives rise above the clouds where the sun is bright and the air is clean or so you’ve heard. This far down in the hive though it’s hard to believe anything like that exists. Only the most wealthiest and powerful families live there. You.. you don’t belong to one of those. You belong to one the small houses in the hive city.

Regardless you’re a fighter and fighters don’t go down easy. You’re tired of the cards that have been dealt to you and your willing to take chances and make something of yourself. It’s going to take hard work, perseverance and a lot of blood. Knowing you can’t do it alone you’ve gathered those few you trust with your life and set off on your journey. Your gang is just one of many that belong to your house but you’re deteremined to prove yourself, to make it to the big time. You will make a name for yourself. Everyone in Hive Stryke will know your name and hear your story of how you beat the odds and rose to the top to become the Lord of the Spire.

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Necromunda (Hive Stryke)

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