Necromunda (Hive Stryke)

Ready to Rumble #4
To Loot or Not to Loot? That is the question.

Player / Gang Name / Type / Record / Rating

Byron / Hell’s Angels / Escher / 3-1 / 1766

Rick / Green Bloods / Van Saar / 3-1 / 1711

Scott / The Vanguard / Van Saar / 3-0 / 1578

Bill / Da Bookies / Orlock / 1-3 / 1293

Pete / Shadow Friends / Delaque / 0-4 / 1287

Tony / Red Lites / Cawdor / 0-4 / 1263

Skirmish #4 Summary: As you well know, recently the local Guilders in a Mine Working sector declared that it had been dealing illegally and that they would no longer consider it under Guilder law. The local hive gangs sent representatives to the sector for the rights to plunder it. The Vanguard were the only gang not to make an appearance. Evidently they didn’t want to get their hands dirty working the mines. Da Bookies and the Shadow Friends appeared to have a short term truce as they emerged together and closed upon the other gangs. Having arrived late the Hell’s Angels didn’t stand much of a chance as they emerged from their connecting tunnels between the Red Lites and Green Bloods. The Red Lites having been schooled by the Angels before quickly set upon the ‘Ladies’. Unknown to the Angels, the Red Lites were about to unleash their own version of Hell upon them. William was a Juve who was about to get his colors and he was eager to prove himself. Since this fight was to determine if Williams was truly worthy of becoming a Lite, Jacob stayed close to him for this fight. Jacob ordered William to take out the Angel’s leader, Madonna, a task that only the worthy could accomplish. As the lust over came him, William closed for combat with 2 Angels ( Madonna, the leader and a ganger). The ganger fell and Madonna seeing herself outnumbered quickly retreated to get help. As Jacob and William pursued Madonna back to her gang, another Angel had the misfortune to come between William and Madonna. With the rest of her gang busy or pinned Madonna quickly called it quits. She summoned her gang to her and they fled the field of battle. Jacob then led William towards the Green Bloods. Until now gunfire had been sporadic with few casualties. The Bloods and Friends had exchanged some fire with minor casualties on each side. However the Bloods were in the cross hairs of both the Friends and the Lites now. They quickly retreated to a better prepared position to make their stand. However they hadn’t experienced the ferocity of melee that only William could unleash. Jacob and William closed for combat with the Blood’s leader, BoSheuf, and a ganger. William claimed his 3rd combat victory by defeating the Bloods’ leader and proved himself worthy of becoming a Lite. With their leader out of action the Bloods decided to call it a day and retired from the battle. It was right after that the story gets a bit cloudy, Jacob was supposedly shot by the Friends’ leader and later died from his wounds. However, some say that William was so taken with the lust of battle that he turned on Jacob and killed him. The only people who know the truth are the Friends’ leader, Jacob and William, of course William denies these allegations, Jacob is dead and the Friends has since disbanded and the leader hasn’t been seen since. Regardless with their leader dead, the Lites quickly fled to figure out what their futures held. This left the Bookies and the Friends to fight for control of the Mines. It appears as if the Friends silently slipped into the shadows and disappeared, because they’ve not been heard from since.

Part 2: It appears that House Van Saar has encroached upon tribal territories. And in retaliation there has been a large amount of Ratskin activity in the Underhive. The infamous Ratskin gang ‘Fangs of the Rat’ recently raided one of The Vanguard’s territories, causing them not to send gang members to the Mine Workings. An un-named source has said that the Ratskins managed to escape with some Vanguard loot. For those who haven’t heard of the ‘Fangs of the Rat’, they claim to have among their members an ex-House Goliath ganger.

After their daring raid upon the Vanguard territory, the ‘Fangs of the Rat’ raided a caravan headed to a small settlement. The newly reorganized House Cawdor gang, Red Hand, took it upon themselves to try and stop these Outlaws. Unfortunately for the Red Hand their losing streak continued. They arrived too late to stop the ‘Fangs of the Rat’ from escaping with their loot. However the Red Hand has claimed to have killed one of the Outlaws. Upon closer inspection it appears that the Fangs’ claim of having an ex- Goliath as a member were true. It appears as if his name was ‘Dances with Rats’ and he was definitely not a true Ratskin. Who else has been corrupted and when will it end! May the Emporer protect and help us!

Traders Report #4 Summary: Nothing of significance was report at this time.

Skirmish Rumors from below #5: A power surge has caused the Underhive fans to go haywire, The fans that normally circulate teh air in the underhive have gone haywire causing an unusal airflow throughout the hive. Each battle field will have specific conditions that affect it. The highest rated gang will get to choose their starting spot moving to the lowest. Scenarios will be determined by the rules, the lowest rated will roll 2d6 and consult the table. This table allows either gang the chance to determine their scenario. The highest rated gang will then roll a d6 to determine the wind effects for each battle field.

Rumor has it that the Lords of Stryke (LoS) are looking for the best gang in the Underhive. For those few who haven’t heard of the LoS, they are one of the biggest fighting arena owners in Stryke City (Hive City). They have sponsered such gangs as the Mongrels, the Niners and the Sons of Anarchy. These gangs are now reportedly living the life of luxury in Stryke City.

Ready to Rumble #3
Look at all the Loot!

Player / Gang Name / Gang Type / Record / Rating Byron / Hell’s Angels / Escher / 3-0 / 1614

Scott / The Vanguard / Van Saar / 3-0 / 1578

Rick / Green Bloods / Van Saar / 3-0 / 1566

Tony / Red Lites / Cawdor / 0-3 / 1393

Bill / Da Bookies / Orlock / 0-3 / 1274

Pete / Shadow Friends / Delaque / 0-3 / 1187

Skirmish #3 Summary: As you well know recently a new sector in the Underhive was opened up after being sealed for many years. The local gangs all made a play at finding long lost items. So it wasn’t much of a surprise to see that the rumors of ‘Shadow Friends’ were true. It appears that they were behind the alliance of the 3 weaker gangs as they scoured the new sector. Unfortunately for the 3 gangs (Da Bookies, Red Lites, Shadow Friends) word reached the 3 top gangs of this and they themselves formed an alliance. It became official, the Red Lites could not stand the heat of battle and were the first to flee, soon followed by the Da Bookies. It wasn’t long before the Shadow Friends realized that not only were they up against The Vanguard but also their old nemesis the Hells. It didn’t take long before they too fled the scene leaving the 3 powerful gangs alone to loot the sector. The old saying of might makes right appears to true.

Traders Report #3 Summary: There have been reports of many interesting items for sale. Besides the normal things that are for sale it has been rumored that a large shipment of Hot Shot Power Packs were recently delivered, a Ratskin Map was recently found, Flak Armor (which the original owner found to be lacking), a Bio-Scanner and a Power Axe were unearthed in the new sector.

Skirmish Rumors from below #4: Each gang has just heard that the local guilders have declared that a Mine Working has lost its standing with them. (‘Loss of Grace’ scenario, p29 misc section) Since this is such short notice the gangs don’t have time to summon all their members. So each gang will use the Maxi Gang Fight rules to determine the # of members that can fight. With the limited number of members participating each gang can bottle at will. The winner can either loot the territory or keep it. Should they decide to keep it they must bribe the local guilders to keep it open and a viable territory. To do this they must work the territory immediately and give the income collected from it to the guilders. i.e. This means they must send someone to work it but the money goes straight to the guilders. The money also doesn’t count towards the gangs expenses but they do loose the use of 1 ganger for that round of collecting.

Ready to Rumble #2
Twice is enough.

Player / Gang Name / Gang Type / Record / Rating

Byron / Hell’s Angels / Escher / 2-0 / 1477

Scott / The Vanguard / Van Saar / 2-0 / 1449

Rick / Green Bloods / Van Saar / 2-0 / 1404

Bill / Da Bookies / Orlock / 0-2 / 1327

Tony / Red Lites / Cawdor / 0-2 / 1285

Pete / Shadow Friends / Delaque / 0-2 / 1235

Rumors from the Below: Word has it that the expected life span of a ‘Da Bookies’ ganger is shorter than normal. It’s said that this upstart gang leader takes too many chances with his gang. It’s also said that if he suspects someone of trying to challenge him for leadership that they meet and untimely death. Waterhole gossip is that the ‘Red Lites’ can’t walk and chew glop (gum) at the same time. In a recent fight they are said to have lost a heavy from falling off a building. Of course a new gang of House Van Saars are claiming that they shot him. Neither can be confirmed because the body (as usual) hasn’t been found. Of course this same gang also claims to have recently captured, tortured and sold a member of the ‘Da Bookies’. According to the ‘Hell’s Angels’, a member of the House of Escher, the ‘ShadowFriends’, reportedly of House Delaque, aren’t much of a threat. Rumor has it that they haven’t even fired a single shot and that they run when the going gets tough. Of course, this can’t be confirmed because no one else has seen this gang yet. So is this just the ravings of a group of hysterical ‘ladies’ or a real gang with some warped code about not shooting a ‘lady’ if that what you call them. ‘The Vangaurd’ appear to be the real deal. They have been brutal, tough and unrelenting in the quest for dominance. They dominated the ‘Da Bookies’ in their first fight, killing 2 gangers and stealing a Mineral Outcroping. Then they intimidated the hive out of the ‘Red Lites’ in their second outing quickly forcing them to retreat from the fight.

It is said that a new area recently been opened and gangs are racing to there to stake their claims and scavenge what loot they can find. But, if the ‘ShadowFriends’ do exist will they finally show themselves are they be looking for revenge against the ‘Hell’s Angels’.

Having lost 2 fights in a row to the same gang, ‘ShadowFriends’ has the option to fight the ‘Hell’s Angels’ once again and chose either the ‘Hit and Run’ scenario (p 113) or the ‘Ambush’ scenario (p 115) OR they can chose to scavenge like everyone else. In which case the order of placement is highest to lowest due to the intimidation factor. This option was not chosen.

Traders Report There have been reports of many interesting items for sale. Of course it depends upon the merchant you go to but it is said that there have been; Bionic limbs, Red-dot Laser sights, Photon Flash grenades, Web Pistols and Power Swords to name a few. What will they have next?

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