Necromunda (Hive Stryke)

Ready to Rumble #2

Twice is enough.

Player / Gang Name / Gang Type / Record / Rating

Byron / Hell’s Angels / Escher / 2-0 / 1477

Scott / The Vanguard / Van Saar / 2-0 / 1449

Rick / Green Bloods / Van Saar / 2-0 / 1404

Bill / Da Bookies / Orlock / 0-2 / 1327

Tony / Red Lites / Cawdor / 0-2 / 1285

Pete / Shadow Friends / Delaque / 0-2 / 1235

Rumors from the Below: Word has it that the expected life span of a ‘Da Bookies’ ganger is shorter than normal. It’s said that this upstart gang leader takes too many chances with his gang. It’s also said that if he suspects someone of trying to challenge him for leadership that they meet and untimely death. Waterhole gossip is that the ‘Red Lites’ can’t walk and chew glop (gum) at the same time. In a recent fight they are said to have lost a heavy from falling off a building. Of course a new gang of House Van Saars are claiming that they shot him. Neither can be confirmed because the body (as usual) hasn’t been found. Of course this same gang also claims to have recently captured, tortured and sold a member of the ‘Da Bookies’. According to the ‘Hell’s Angels’, a member of the House of Escher, the ‘ShadowFriends’, reportedly of House Delaque, aren’t much of a threat. Rumor has it that they haven’t even fired a single shot and that they run when the going gets tough. Of course, this can’t be confirmed because no one else has seen this gang yet. So is this just the ravings of a group of hysterical ‘ladies’ or a real gang with some warped code about not shooting a ‘lady’ if that what you call them. ‘The Vangaurd’ appear to be the real deal. They have been brutal, tough and unrelenting in the quest for dominance. They dominated the ‘Da Bookies’ in their first fight, killing 2 gangers and stealing a Mineral Outcroping. Then they intimidated the hive out of the ‘Red Lites’ in their second outing quickly forcing them to retreat from the fight.

It is said that a new area recently been opened and gangs are racing to there to stake their claims and scavenge what loot they can find. But, if the ‘ShadowFriends’ do exist will they finally show themselves are they be looking for revenge against the ‘Hell’s Angels’.

Having lost 2 fights in a row to the same gang, ‘ShadowFriends’ has the option to fight the ‘Hell’s Angels’ once again and chose either the ‘Hit and Run’ scenario (p 113) or the ‘Ambush’ scenario (p 115) OR they can chose to scavenge like everyone else. In which case the order of placement is highest to lowest due to the intimidation factor. This option was not chosen.

Traders Report There have been reports of many interesting items for sale. Of course it depends upon the merchant you go to but it is said that there have been; Bionic limbs, Red-dot Laser sights, Photon Flash grenades, Web Pistols and Power Swords to name a few. What will they have next?



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