Necromunda (Hive Stryke)

Ready to Rumble #3

Look at all the Loot!

Player / Gang Name / Gang Type / Record / Rating Byron / Hell’s Angels / Escher / 3-0 / 1614

Scott / The Vanguard / Van Saar / 3-0 / 1578

Rick / Green Bloods / Van Saar / 3-0 / 1566

Tony / Red Lites / Cawdor / 0-3 / 1393

Bill / Da Bookies / Orlock / 0-3 / 1274

Pete / Shadow Friends / Delaque / 0-3 / 1187

Skirmish #3 Summary: As you well know recently a new sector in the Underhive was opened up after being sealed for many years. The local gangs all made a play at finding long lost items. So it wasn’t much of a surprise to see that the rumors of ‘Shadow Friends’ were true. It appears that they were behind the alliance of the 3 weaker gangs as they scoured the new sector. Unfortunately for the 3 gangs (Da Bookies, Red Lites, Shadow Friends) word reached the 3 top gangs of this and they themselves formed an alliance. It became official, the Red Lites could not stand the heat of battle and were the first to flee, soon followed by the Da Bookies. It wasn’t long before the Shadow Friends realized that not only were they up against The Vanguard but also their old nemesis the Hells. It didn’t take long before they too fled the scene leaving the 3 powerful gangs alone to loot the sector. The old saying of might makes right appears to true.

Traders Report #3 Summary: There have been reports of many interesting items for sale. Besides the normal things that are for sale it has been rumored that a large shipment of Hot Shot Power Packs were recently delivered, a Ratskin Map was recently found, Flak Armor (which the original owner found to be lacking), a Bio-Scanner and a Power Axe were unearthed in the new sector.

Skirmish Rumors from below #4: Each gang has just heard that the local guilders have declared that a Mine Working has lost its standing with them. (‘Loss of Grace’ scenario, p29 misc section) Since this is such short notice the gangs don’t have time to summon all their members. So each gang will use the Maxi Gang Fight rules to determine the # of members that can fight. With the limited number of members participating each gang can bottle at will. The winner can either loot the territory or keep it. Should they decide to keep it they must bribe the local guilders to keep it open and a viable territory. To do this they must work the territory immediately and give the income collected from it to the guilders. i.e. This means they must send someone to work it but the money goes straight to the guilders. The money also doesn’t count towards the gangs expenses but they do loose the use of 1 ganger for that round of collecting.



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